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Crystals for Immune System Health

It is important to increase the body’s overall basic resistance.  Common sense tells us that we need physical exercise in fresh air, to sleep with an open window, regular tapping of the thymus gland (on the breastbone, between the heart and the throat – see below image), good organic food whenever possible and around 8 glasses of plain drinking water each day (excluding tea, coffee and flavoured beverages).

Tapping the thymus gland boosts the immune system.  You need to tap about 15 to 30 seconds to destress your body and to ‘wake it up’.  You can do this at any time in the day you feel sluggish, and it is safe for your children to do as well.

Crystals can also support and help both for protection against illness and for regeneration of the immune system.

Chrysocolla cleanses the tissues and the lymphatic system – it also helps with reducing stress.

Epidote helps to rebuild the immune defence system after severe illness and to normalise body functions.  It eases frustration, grief and self-pity.

Heliotrope helps with inflammation, supporting the immune system by neutralising the cause of infection.  It helps to protect your energy field from unwanted influences.  It is also known as Bloodstone.

Ocean Jasper strengthens the immune system, and is one of the best at doing this.  It brings in new energy and a new impetus to the healing process.

For all these crystals you can wear them as a necklace, pendant or make a gem essence from them.

It must be stressed that this is not a substitute for professional medical help.  However, it is important to take responsibility for one’s own health; you do not need to visit the doctor every time you feel unwell.  This places a burden on the health service.  It is therefore vitally important that we take better care of our bodies and well-being.  These alternative methods have no adverse effects and are non toxic.

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