The universal language of numbers

What is numerology?

Numbers surround us, shaping our world and time as a universal language. The ancient civilisations of Egypt, the Middle East, India and China shared the belief that numbers have meanings, in addition to representing quantities. All patterns in the universe can be broken down in numbers, providing insights into our own mental states and wellbeing, as well as those of others around us.

Numerology not only looks at your date of birth, but also the numbers behind each letter of the alphabet and how that applies to your name. These numbers can explain our life path and phases within our life, 

I combine Numerology with mentoring and so these sessions link perfectly with the healing appointments, because they help you to shift forwards in between the energy work. These sessions also work well as standalone appointments. Sessions are online or on the phone, which is ideal for those with busy lifestyles.

Working with Carol is a pleasure. She is incredibly intuitive and the positive energy changes generated following treatments with her are amazing. Her insightful knowledge of numerology and spirituality has complemented personal work already undertaken. There have been so many moments of enlightenment with her… I would encourage you to try it.
Janet Ketchen

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Information & bookings

If you would like to book a numerology session, or have any other questions about this service, I am more than happy to answer your queries and walk through the healing process. Please get in touch via the contact form or directly via email or phone for more information and bookings.

Understand yourself & your world

How can numerology help me?

I work with you using authentic numerology, to bring clarity and inspiration into your life. I provide tools for self-development, transformation and guidance for living in alignment with the soul. I help people who want to break through old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them, working with universal law to improve your life and deepen the soul connection. Understanding yourself and your world from a spiritual perspective will help you to have a more meaningful life.

Sessions will help you to move into a brighter future.

I will support you to:

• Take more responsibility for your life and not play a victim
• Move away from negativity or judgments

Notes on Prediction

A prediction is a statement about the way things will happen in the future. A good way to think about having a ‘reading’ is to think about it like driving to a destination. We have a choice of different roads to get to the destination; there are motorways, like the main route, or B roads, like taking the back roads or the country route.

Sometimes taking the main route is unavoidable if we want to make progress.  Taking this route may be described as ‘your destiny’. Then there are minor roads, roads that come off the main road where you can take the scenic route if you want to, which may take longer. You may get lost for a while before finally finding the main route again and joining it.

On some occasions you may get so lost that you decide to go somewhere else entirely. Doing so is a choice but life may become confusing and over complicated, as this was not your original destination; it was not planned. These are human decisions; decisions that are made with the human mind and not necessarily our destiny.

On our journey as a human being we are presented with many choices – some pull us more than others or just ‘feel right’. Choice is an important part of the human existence and all of us are responsible for our own choices. Of course these may be influenced by how we feel on the day, how we were treated as children, etc but ultimately we are responsible for the choices we make, good and bad!

Therefore because we have choice, it is not often possible to predict a definite outcome to a situation. Readings of any kind aim to help a client to understand or to gain perspective on their life situation. If a question is relating to another person e.g. ‘When will he/she do this?’ you must remember that all the same choices apply to them as well.

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