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What are Attunements?

The word Attunement has been adopted by practitioners of Energy Medicine, to mean that a client is ‘tuned in’ to receiving and utilising universal energy, for the purpose of healing themselves and others.  It was originally developed by Lloyd Arthur Meeker as a feature for his spiritual teachings in 1929.

In 1949 Albert Ackerley, a chiropractor practising in Toronto, met with Meeker and began to experiment with offering long distance ‘treatments’, which he later called ‘attunements’.  In other words, clients receiving healing when not in the physical presence of the practitioner.  In 1993, a World Blessing time was established for practitioners to share a time of collective Attunement and healing prayer. In the ’80s and ’90s, the teaching and practice of long-distance Attunement was developed further.

So in essence, a practitioner transmits universal energy through their hands and thoughts to the client, and this helps to increase the client’s energy flow, release blockages and, therefore, open them up to their full potential.

The word attunement is now used as part of Energy Medicine training, which incorporates powerful healing for the recipient, along with allowing them to transmit that energy to others.  Universal energy flows around us and through us.  It is everywhere.  An attunement helps you to open up to that, and to become much more aware of it than you normally would.

You will see this term used in many healing systems, such as Reiki, Rahanni, Sekhem and Angelic Reiki.

When we are infants we are much more in tune with universal energy, and as we become habitualised to this world, we begin to lose our awareness of it.  After an attunement many people report that they can feel energy flowing through their body, specifically their hands, though everyone has variations of what they feel and the intensity.

During an attunement, the teacher will ask you to sit quietly, meditate or focus on your breathing.  The teacher will then draw symbols, which represent the various healing energies, placing them into your Aura* (*magnetic energy field that extends around all living things), and drawing them onto your hands.  This is offered as a sacred ceremony, so it would be important that you allow yourself to rest and integrate for the whole day of your attunement.  Some teachers may recommend that you purify yourself beforehand, by fasting or eating clean, and cutting out all toxic substances, such as alcohol.  This is to help you to fully commit to the process physically, as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In the days after an attunement you may have a healing response, which is sometimes referred to as a ‘healing crisis’.  This can last for a few weeks, and you may experience fluctuations in both mild and intense sensations.  For some it can be purely emotional, and for others there may be physical symptoms, such as mild headache, or suddenly disliking a food that you have always eaten.

The attunement process is performed as a ceremony, which has many steps, and this process is to help the client to be open to and fully assimilate the power and importance of taking this step in their life.  However, it actually is not a requirement for the spiritual realms, because it is accepted that you are already divine beings of love and light, who can connect to universal energy whenever you want to!  From this perspective, the attunement is simply a way of remembering that you are always connected to the light.

As humans, we have rituals which appear in every culture and belief system, from a marriage ceremony, to graduating from university, celebrating an anniversary or a birthday.

This is because we imbue them with special meaning to mark a phase in our lives.

I have personally been attuned to a variety of healing modalities and each one has been a very different experience.  I have also attuned clients to universal energy, and have enjoyed the beauty and deep connection of this process.

I now offer healing attunements to clients remotely (via distance) as a stepped process.  This begins with heart connection; ensuring that the individual is suitable for the sessions, the attunement itself, following up and then further once monthly sessions with chat support, over a period of 6 months.

Many people believe that once they are attuned to universal energy they will never become unwell again.  This is not the case, because healing happens over time, when the body and consciousness is ready to let life challenges go.  Healing can be a messy process because inner work happens and so shifts take place in a client’s real life, i.e. they may feel the need to change job, or move, or discover their relationship has come to a close.  Being attuned, though it can feel magical, does not suddenly make you impervious to life’s ups and downs.  However, it can empower you to make changes in your life, and heal yourself naturally as you go through those changes.

To change our lives, we must allow things to leave us so new experiences and people can come in; much like cleaning out your wardrobe of old clothes so we have space for the new ones.

Being attuned to universal energy also means that your psychic ability may increase, or your ‘inner knowing’ of things.  Everyone on the planet has the potential to tap into this ability, though many are skeptical, most will admit they have had a good or bad feeling about a person or place, and been shown that their feeling was right – or thought about a person they haven’t heard from in years, only to have them ring five minutes later.

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What are Attunements?

The word Attunement has been adopted by practitioners of Energy Medicine, to mean that a client is ‘tuned in’ to receiving and utilising universal energy,

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