Healing for Children

For children aged 1 to 19 years old

Remote energy healing

Children can be frequently sick or ‘out of sorts’. Why is this? The biggest reason for these unwell feelings is the disturbance to the child’s energy field. Distance healing can be a very powerful way to help any child suffering through illness, anxiety or even just the stresses of day to day life.

The remote energy healing sessions help to support the health and emotional wellbeing of your child, which has been particularly important due to the affects of the disruption of education and connecting with others in the last few years.   

Issues with wellbeing can manifest through a range of physical symptoms, including:

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Information & bookings

If you would like to book onto a healing session for your child, or have any other questions about this service, I am more than happy to answer your queries and walk through the healing process. Please get in touch via the contact form below. 

Fee is £42 for individual session.

Distance healing is a method which allows you to improve a persons physical, emotional and mental health, with no need for physical touch. Help your child to feel calm, grounded and stable by receiving healing frequencies that can bring them a sense of peace.
Carol Fenner

What happens afterwards?

  • Healing prompts the body to release toxins and emotional blockages, so it is important to encourage your child to drink water to help the healing energy continue its work, whilst maintaining their hydration.
  • Your child may experience feelings of tiredness, drowsiness or exhaustion after healing session as their toxins and energies are being released. This process is called ‘integration’ and can last for a couple of days while the body readjusts.
  • It is a good idea to keep a diary of how your child integrates the healing session.

Alternatively you can book your child into a group healing session. 

This is called Child of Light and is £17 per individual session.

Child of Light group healing sessions rebalance a child’s delicate energy system.  They are shorter sessions and not as comprehensive as receiving a full frequency healing session, therefore they cannot provide diagnostic feedback.  A monthly subscription to this session is offered at the reduced fee of £9* (minimum 6 month commitment).

I have reduced the fee for these rebalancing sessions to help parents access a natural way to support their child’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

'child of light' monthly group session

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