Healing for Children

For children aged 1 to 19 years old

Remote energy healing

Children are frequently sick or ‘out of sorts’. We all recognise the symptoms but why? The biggest reason for these ill feelings is the disturbance to the child’s energy fields. Distance healing can be a very powerful way to help any child suffering through illness, anxiety or even just the stresses of day to day life. Let me support your precious one from wherever they are in the world.

In the distance healing session, you can feel confident that the reason we are partnered by our human energy field is to help each other. Children are known to connect and heal themselves by gifting us with their beautiful light of love and innocence, which is all we need to get well. My remote energy healing sessions help to support the health and emotional wellbeing of your child, which is particularly important due to the current challenges with social distancing and lack of connection with their peers. This suffering typically expresses itself through a range of symptoms, including:

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Information & bookings

If you would like to book onto a healing session for your child, or have any other questions about this service, I am more than happy to answer your queries and walk through the healing process. Please get in touch via the contact form or directly via email or phone for more information and bookings.

Distance healing is a method of healing that allows you to send healing energy over distance, with no need for physical touch. Help your child to feel calm, grounded and stable through energy frequencies that can bring them a sense of peace.
Carol Fenner

What happens afterwards?

  • Healing prompts the body to release toxins and emotional blockages, so it is important to encourage your child to drink water to help the healing energy continue its work, whilst maintaining their hydration.
  • Your child may experience feelings of tiredness, drowsiness or exhaustion after healing session as their toxins and energies are being released. This process is called ‘integration’ and can last for a couple of days while the body readjusts. Integration is a process which happens when you take any kind of medication, whether it is prescribed by a GP or alternative medicine, and you should allow them to rest and recuperate during these energetic shifts.
  • It is a good idea to keep a diary of how your child integrates the healing session. I do recommend regular sessions to get the most benefit. The example I use to illustrate this is that if you wanted to get fit you would not go to the gym once. You know that to improve fitness and muscle tone you would need to attend on a regular basis. The same also applies to healing or in fact any type of alternative or personal development programme.

Further information

  1. All sessions are offered via distance healing. This means your child can have a session in the comfort of their own home.
  2. All sessions are offered in a group. Information is never shared between participants of the group.
  3. During the session I prefer that your child is not using a computer or phone or watching the TV, simply because there is an electromagnetic field which emanates from these devices. However, I know this may not always be possible. During the session your child can do other activities if they find it hard to relax, but there is no requirement for them to understand how to meditate. Ideally activities like reading, listening to relaxing music, drawing, painting, or anything that is gentle and creative are best.
  4. If your child is old enough, please explain that they will be receiving healing. This is to ensure that the thought anchors into their consciousness, even if they do not fully understand it. You could explain it by saying that everything on the planet is made of energy, including human beings. When a person’s energy goes out of balance, they can feel sad. So healing is good energy which helps you to feel better again. 
  5. There are usually two group sessions offered a month and you can book your child into one or both of them. If you do not see two sets of dates for a month, it is because I always look for the best time for group healing astrologically, and there may not be a suitable second date for that month.
  6. Sessions last around 40 minutes and are always in the mornings, starting at 11am.
  7. Please book and pay for a session by 4pm the day before, so I can ensure your child is added to the session the next day.
  8. Please book your child in by sending their name and date of birth to my email address carol@myinnerself.co.uk or by coming to my website and messaging me in the chat box here. I require this information to be able to send healing to them directly. I regularly delete emails with personal information in and do not store children’s personal details in my client database.
  9. Please pay £12 via my PayPal account https://paypal.me/myinnerself/12 or £10 by BACS (message me for my bank details). PayPal is slightly more because they charge me a fee.