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Colleen Murphy
22 days ago

An amazing life changing experience – thank you Carol.

Brian H - UK
2 months ago

A huge thank you to Carol for her commitment to helping so many. It’s been a joy to experience the distance healing and has really helped me to have clarity. Thank you for all you do.

Claire S - UK
2 months ago

I have been having distant healing from Carol, as a v injured individual as part of a free program. Carol truly is one of the most caring and selfless therapists. Her sessions have really helped me mentally during an extremely challenging time, helping to reduce the fear and anxiety surrounding my new found health conditions. She truly is an angel and I would recommend her sessions to anyone. Thank you again Carol for all that you do.

Menchu Hernandez - Yoga Therapist, Spain
2 months ago

Carol is a highly committed and supportive person, who has helped me with professional guidance. I found her to be empathic and non judgemental.

Debbie A - Cambridgeshire
3 months ago

I was in a highly stressed state with the constant pain I was experiencing when I went to see Carol last month.
Six months of medication, changing my diet, exercise etc had not helped at all and I was feeling overwhelmed and quite depressed.
After my session with Carol I woke up the following day and the pain had reduced significantly and my spirits had raised significantly. I am still amazed how much this has helped me and I very grateful to Carol for helping me feel like myself again.

Melanie F - Therapist, Dorset
3 months ago

A big thank you Carol for the distance healing work you did for me. I have felt much clearer of mind and body. Dealing with several bereavements and physical illness, I was feeling like I was on a loop -unable to move forward. Carol has helped bring that to the surface enabling shifts to take place, resulting in clarity and clearing in my mind, body and in my auric field. Everything is quieter, I feel more like myself again.
Much gratitude.🙏🏻

Linda Y - Bedfordshire
3 months ago

I have had frequency healing on two occasions from Carol and each time I felt very relaxed and content at the end of the session. Carol is a very caring and empathetic person, very easy to talk to. I thoroughly recommend her for this type of therapy.

Laura L - Cambridgeshire
4 months ago

I have been on a spiritual journey for last few years after suffering with mental illnesses all my life. I have always been interested in healing but was worried it was another latest fad. However, after searching I was drawn to Carol on google search. I am so glad I found Carol as she has been amazing and since September 2023 I have really noticed the shift in my healing journey. I cannot express how amazing the healing feels! Carol really goes above and beyond to help you. Even after sessions she really does care and check in on you. So much so my teen daughter is now receiving healing from Carol. A skeptic as well but after one session she was really relaxed and felt comfortable with Carol. She really is a pro at what she does and you will not find better! I also love Carol’s straight to the point but very empathetic attitude. And lastly her treatment room is truly gorgeous. I would happily sit in there all day! Amazing atmosphere as soon as you walk into the room. Thank you Carol I’m excited to progress my healing journey with you by my side.

Verity - Yoga Teacher, Cambridgeshire
4 months ago

Thanks for the group healing and subsequent remote healing, Carol, it’s wonderful to have found you! I have been feeling really good lately 😃 like my old self energy wise. I’ve had the longest run of not feeling depleted in a long time!

Adriana Lokman
5 months ago

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Womb Blessing. I fully enjoyed the whole ceremony and feel good! Thank you 💗

Deya J
5 months ago

Carol is incredibly kind and caring and has devoted a huge amount of her time to helping the vaccine injured for free. I have been receiving distance healing from Carol for a number of months now, although it is hard to tell what is improving or exacerbating symptoms as they are so many and varied with many different triggers, I HAVE been slowly improving. I have also had a couple of readings from Carol which were completely on point and highly relevant to my personal situation and emotional/life challenges which helped me to see things from the perspective of spiritual growth and self development and this was really helpful. I have no doubt that the work Carol is doing for us all is helping in ways that are largely beyond my understanding but that are benefiting us holistically, where it is needed both physically and spiritually. Eternally grateful for Carols generosity with no other incentive than a genuine motivation to heal and help others. With thanks and best wishes, Deya x

Karen H
6 months ago

I have been receiving distance healing from Carol for several months now after she very kindly offered her services to help those of us suffering from vaccine injury.
I really feel these sessions are having a massive impact on my physical health. I can’t explain it but after being really ill since march 2021 and having started no other treatments, I have felt real improvement in my condition.
Carol really seems to understand me and has been really intuitive with my symptoms at any given time with feedback from sessions really resonating with me.
I am extremely grateful to you Carol. The last thing any of us vaccine injured want is to put any other drugs in our systems but you have shown me that in many cases the body can heal without medication. It’s a long process but after 2 years of continual deterioration I have over the last few months of your help seen progress along the healing journey.
Thank you so much x

Michael S - Hertfordshire
7 months ago

I met Carol via my local food business where we began talking about various aspects of society and how we choose to interact with the world. I have always been a stress-prone individual and believe she saw this in me and so offered her assistance. Prior to meeting her I would have considered myself a sceptic, having a background in the sciences and so always basing decisions on facts as opposed to feelings. During our first session I noticed a change within a few minutes and post-session experienced fatigue like nothing else yet this was accompanied by a feeling of ease as if she had released a lot of my negativity. Being in her presence is undoubtedly worthwhile regardless of how you are feeling and she can always bring a smile to your face, a truly good individual with the best intentions for her clients and humanity as a whole.
I would unquestionably recommend her without reservation.

Dawn C - UK
7 months ago

Carol kindly offered me distance healing through the vaccine injured group that I’m a member of. We had an initial telephone chat and I’ve had healing fortnightly. I am feeling less anxious than I was and much calmer helping me to cope with the awful symptoms relating to the spike protein injury. Carol is a very kind and caring person and recently contacted me for a update. I am very grateful to her for giving me hope and also for her time to help many of us who are cv injured.

V M - UK
9 months ago

I came to see Carol to address one particular issue. We discussed it over the phone prior to the meeting and Carol said that she never dealt with something like this before, but she was willing to try. We had an intense session and Carol’s experience coupled with my strong desire to resolve the issue resulted in a major energetic shift, which led to fantastic results. I am very very grateful that she agreed to see me and highly recommend her. Thank you so very much, Carol.

Lee Harris - Cambs, UK
9 months ago

Dear Carol, I just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you recently. I really enjoyed my time with you at the Goddess healing session! Looking forward to meeting you again, best wishes, Lee xx

Bilal Salaudin - UK
9 months ago

It has been amazing working with Carol. She is super organised and always sends reminders when she is going to do a healing. Carol is one of the kindest people I have met. She is very respectful and understanding and also flexible around your schedule (I discovered her services via a charity which supports those with vaccine damage). Overall a joy to work with.

Tracy B - UK
10 months ago

Carol is such a kind and caring person – she has offered distance healing to the vaccine injured community and the offer of her kindness alone brings with it positive energy to a heavily censored group. When I signed up for her distance healing I did not realise how much extra support and care would come with that. She chatted to me before and after sessions, provides a document of aftercare, is available on telegram and text, and overall makes every effort to understand what is needed and if the healing is helping. Not to mention that I find her post-healing messages to be extremely uplifting; I look forward to hearing them and the positive energy they make me feel. After a few of the fortnightly healing sessions, I noticed that the topics coming up were extremely relevant to me; I was amazed just how much and how accurate, especially when the healing was for multiple people. And after those sessions I had some positive impact, especially with my thyroid – my graves flare healed quicker than normal. Thank you so much Carol, I really appreciate you. I am only sad we live so far apart that I can’t come and see you in person!

Jenni - Beds, UK
10 months ago

I initially attended one of Carol’s group sessions, then spent some time in the Orynoco unit a while later – both more (I thought) in the spirit of curiosity and research than a need to deal with any urgent problem. After sitting in the Orynoco unit I was able to release a repetitive thought pattern I had almost totally accepted would not be shifted! Some weeks later a traumatic event occurred and, as I was in no fit state to travel to Carol’s cabin for a planned session, she offered distance healing. And, while I probably did nothing to help and even a fair bit to hinder, I found I was able to muster more positivity than I would have thought possible over the following days and weeks. I have to say that Carol’s follow-up is superb – detailed and meticulous – with a whole range of insights and positive suggestions for remedies which I am steadily implementing. I am so grateful to Carol that she was able and willing to share her time, skills and insights during such a very difficult time in my life. Thank you so much for your support.

Alfie - North Yorkshire
11 months ago

I received distance healing for 12 weeks, via UK CV Family, to see if the work would help with my condition. I noticed a reduction of pain for short periods of time immediately after sessions, particularly around the chest area. I’d like to thank you for offering all your work to me; it’s greatly appreciated. You’re a very kind and caring person just trying to help people, which I have so much respect for.

Oliver W - UK
11 months ago

Thank you to Carol for her ongoing help in my efforts to overcome a chronic health situation (related to spike protein injury). She is attentive with those she works with, maintaining a line of communication and providing support, and I have been able to see some improvements symptomatically in the time I’ve been working with her. My exercise tolerance/cardiac issues are better than they were, and, while I still have a long way to go, I have also experienced subtle shifts of energy during sessions which help me to maintain a positive and purposeful state of mind amidst the difficulties. I’m hopeful of further improvements to come – thank you again

Maz - Beds, UK
11 months ago

I would just like to say a huge thankyou. Thankyou for your time, your care, your guidance, your ability to heal. From the minute I entered your healing room I was blown away with the energy, the healing and the love. Thankyou for being you, thankyou for connecting with me and thankyou for your continued support

Eileen Hutchinson - NLP Practitioner, Herts
1 year ago

I want to say thank you to Carol Fenner, who is a remarkable healer, counsellor and therapist. Carol is the best healer I know xx

Lynne Alexander - UK
1 year ago

I had a fabulous treatment with Carol, followed by the best night’s sleep in years. Thank you. ❤️

Rebecca Cool-Hopkins - UK
1 year ago

Thank you for all your guidance and positive influence xxxx

Jeanette Pearson - Stevenage
1 year ago

I had a healing session with Carol and all I can say is, that she is amazing! xxxx

Carrie Beckingham - Wakefield
1 year ago

Carol, has kindly given her time and support over the last few months to help some of those with adverse side affects from CV. It’s very comforting knowing Carol is working to help us with the symptoms of the side affects and it gives me confidence that’s there is alternative therapies out there other than what the NHS has to offer. I really value Carol knowledge and help.

Aura L - Glasgow
1 year ago

The work that Carol does is amazing. She has helped me immensely and is always there if I need to reach out to her. She has gone above and beyond her distance healing to help me, and the sessions I have received have helped me. Although I am vaccine injured and have ongoing complex issues which relapse (and like many in the same position say that the damage done by the vaccine is “the gift which keeps on giving”),Carol understands where we are at and wants to help relieve our suffering by utilising her gift and time. An absolutely beautiful soul who deserves recognition for what she does to help us. The NHS don’t know or want to help us, Carol does want to help and she has made a difference for me.

Clare M - UK
1 year ago

I’ve noticed a difference since being part of the distance healing group. Carol is great to talk to. She understood Covid injury & was compassionate & understanding of the situation. The distance healing was a positive experience and the feedback & connectivity was supportive too! Thank you 🙏

Eva Bouhnik - UK
1 year ago

I came across Carol’s frequency healing on UKCV, I was keen to engage with a holistic approach to healing. After a few treatments I can definitely see progress. Carol is quite remarkable, her feedback is incredibly helpful and very detailed. Carol also offers a wide range of resources to explore. She checks in and takes a genuine interest in our wellbeing. I strongly recommend this treatment.

Sandra Jensen - UK
1 year ago

Carol has been giving me distance healing for twelve weeks, as part of a group. There is no question I am in a better place now than when she started. I feel more able to be with my various symptoms rather than raging against them, and so feel a sense of ease and calm which in turn lessens the symptoms. I highly reccomend Carol’s work, she’s deeply caring, experienced and generous, a wise guide on a healing journey. Thank you Carol!

Victoria Joanne - UK
1 year ago

I have been part of a group that Carol has provided distance healing for. I’m so grateful to Carol. Over a period of time due to the regular healing sessions I have definitely felt a wonderful shift. I have come out of a fear state and transitioned into a calmer and more playful version of myself. Carol keeps in regular contact and goes over and beyond what I expected to facilitate and check in. She really cares. Carol is full of wisdom and I’m lucky to have connected with this authentic soul. I don’t normally write reviews but I’m feeling so good, I wanted to share.

Angie B-C - UK
1 year ago

I have been taking part in a distance healing programme with Carol over a 12 week period, and I’ve really noticed the changes, not only physically, but mentally with a fresh mindset and a more positive outlook. Also the feedback and discussions I’ve had with Carol are fantastic and help me to understand myself and my journey more. I will be continuing with the programme, but with less sessions per month, to see if I can improve further, and then will review.

Wendy P - Dorset
1 year ago

I took part in a healing session with Carol with a friend in May. We were both present in Carol’s cabin to do this. An interesting day and something I’d not experienced before. For the first time since I can’t remember when, I felt very calm inside following a distressing, upsetting and chaotic period of time in my life over the last year or so. I was grateful for the feedback given at the time and then sent via Telegram so that I could consider it in the comfort of my own safe space. On day 4 my energy started to dip and same again on day 5. Carol undertook a distance light healing for me and since that day I have reverted to feeling calmer inside despite the outside forces working against me and the tears that flow are still very real, but I have felt a shift in my way of being. I have started to complete the setting intentions document to help me on my healing journey. Carol provided a safe space and clear instructions on pre and post session, ensuring we were grounded before our journey home. On a follow up call a couple of weeks later I was able to talk through some of the feedback that I hadn’t already. This was a good half hour if not more all included in Carol’s fee. She is very gentle and knowledgeable in her field. I would undertake a day with Carol again in the future and would recommend her services to those of you who are teetering on the brink of expanding your personal growth and development. Whilst the issues I am dealing with haven’t gone away and they won’t for a long time, I am seeing things from a different perspective and continue to look at things with generosity of spirit. Thank you Carol.

Sam Robbins - Birmingham
1 year ago

Thankyou for my extremely powerful distant healing session. I am feeling re enenergised, balanced and peaceful. I am very grateful. Thankyou.

Angeline Fourmy - UK
1 year ago

Thank you for the distance healing sessions for my daughter. Everything you said in her feedback sounds amazing and so accurate (over sensitive nervous system etc).
Thank you so much, this is an amazing healing modality! 💖. And there’s already been a shift I’ve noticed in her. She’s opened up about something I didn’t know – it was personal and hard to share with me. A mini breakthrough already! Great improvement. She seems more relaxed too. Being kinder to her sister as well. I’m noticing the change already.
Thanks again 🙏💖. So pleased I found you! Xx

Patricia Adamo - Cambridgeshire
1 year ago

I had been constantly fatigued, no matter how much sleep I had or vitamins I took. After one session I genuinely felt more energised, much less tired and more positive. Thank you 🙏

Andrew Davies - UK
1 year ago

I honestly felt completely different coming away from your session, and I really feel like i’m connecting with my true self. The session really helped me a lot. I also used the grounding mat at night that you recommended, and it was probably the best i’ve felt in years! I woke up feeling great for once 🙂

Rachael Pritchard - Birmingham
1 year ago

Carol is a very intuitive therapist who combines energy healing with numerology to great precision. I recently received distant light work healing where I experienced a huge release of pain and tension. I was left feeling so much lighter and rebalanced energetically in one session and continue to feel a sense of calm.
Carol’s follow-up call was fascinating and really resonated with me. I will definitely be calling upon her energy again.
Thank you .

Andrew D - UK
1 year ago

Having tried many healing modalities over the past decade in search of inner peace and creative focus I can say I am finding my sessions with Carol very unique, interesting and I am certainly noticing my progress more than ever before.
I feel comfortable opening up to Carol about all sorts of personal thoughts and feelings.
Carol has a very different approach and clearly utilises her knowledge of how energy works.
I am overcoming extremely stressful and overwhelming times in my life and really feel I’m beginning to come back into my own space with a sense of growing confidence with how I can move forward with my life.
Carol always has some fresh surprise to show me and I can say I am really enjoying the benefits of the pure cacao.
Carol always keeps in touch between sessions which is a much appreciated extra support.
Thank you for being you and helping people like me on my journey of growth and discovery.

Sarah Flo
1 year ago

I have been working with Carol for a little while now and I have found her knowledge around numerology was spot on and incredibly interesting. I have attended several of her healing sessions, which always leaves me feeling calm and relaxed. I have no doubt Carol has been sent to me to be part of my healing journey and I am extremely thankful for all she has done and all she will continue to do. She is an extremely intuitive healer and her insights are amazing. Thank you very much ❤️ and I look forward to continuing my work with you on this journey 😀

Pauline & Stephen Thomas
1 year ago

You are a kind person, an encouragement and a guiding light to many, and a lovely healer.xx

Jo Allen - Cambridgeshire
1 year ago

I first worked with Carol when I finished my Counselling diploma and was at a loss as to what to do next. Carol totally motivated me into where to go next, and what I needed to do to start bringing in clients. Her enthusiasm and knowledge was endless. I booked Carol a second time, where she helped me to formalise my CV and website, and again, she has totally motivated me to move up the next level in my business. I would recommend anyone new to therapy to spend some time with Carol. It will be the best investment you will ever make.

Elena C - Cambridgeshire
1 year ago

I had two healing sessions with Carol so far and already from the first session I could feel a lot of energy moving around. Working with Carol is really helping me in gaining more insights about myself and understand what to do in order to improve my overall wellbeing. Thank you Carol! 🙂

Victoria Tumsa - Cambridgeshire
1 year ago

Dear Carol Fenner, thank you for morning healing session! It was very good! x

Moana Miller - NLP Practitioner, New Zealand
1 year ago

I’d like to Thank you Carol for the numerology reading and voice recording you sent me. It was spot on and just what I needed!! Thank you 🙂

Marnie Woolhead - Northamptonshire
1 year ago

I attended a mini group healing session with Carol just over a month ago and booked a one to one straight away, it was an Incredible experience and a great introduction to Carol’s work. It was lovely to meet others in the group, but I also really enjoyed my one to one and have booked another one. Carol also offers a lot of practical advice and has helped me with some lifestyle changes. The follow up calls are great and the support you receive goes beyond what you would expect, I am excited to have started this work with Carol and look forward to the next few months. I feel a lot more in tune with my body and my intuition is a lot stronger. I strongly recommend!!

Amanda Thomas - Gamlingay
1 year ago

I received a lovely healing session with Carol, she is a wonderful person in listening to you , she makes you feel at ease in explaining what to expect in a session .
I instantly felt relaxed as you listen to Carol , I drifted off to a place of calmness and solitude in my thoughts. In the days that followed, lots of emotional stuff came out and I felt very together and peaceful afterwards, Carol was good at contacting me afterwards to see how I was feeling and if I needed anything. A beautiful experience.

S McAllister - London
2 years ago

Carol is the real deal and always taps into what is relevant and accurate each time I have a healing session. I have had about 9 sessions so far and even after the first subtle shifts & releases & insights happened that have liberated a lot of energy in me and reinforced my connection to my intuition re my own life choices. I now feel much more empowered, clear, connected to my soul & wisdom than before. And well, happier! Thank you Carol for all that you do. Xxx

Russ - St Neots
2 years ago

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I always felt so comfortable in your company and you said and did so many things that have massively helped me. You are amazing at what you do and I am so chuffed I called you.

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