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Embark on a Journey of Inner Transformation

Revitalise, Rebalance & Reconnect

A Soul-Guided Experience

Are you ready to explore the depths of your being and unlock the doors to your fullest potential? Welcome to a revolutionary path toward holistic well-being and expanded consciousness through Orynoco Wholeness Support sessions with My Inner Self.

Unparallelled Personalised Healing

Dive into a healing experience like no other with the Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) V4. Harnessing cutting-edge discoveries from plasma physics, this conscious technology taps into your unique energetic signature. Each session is intuitively aligned with your individual needs, promoting restoration and deep healing.

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I warmly invite you to experience your first 20-minute session completely free at my peaceful, private garden studio in Eaton Ford, St Neots.  This will allow you to immerse yourself in this transformative energy with no obligation. During your session, you will also receive water infused with Transitional State Elements to enhance your experience, selected specifically for your energetic needs.

For those seeking a longer session in the Orynoco, with personalised feedback and guidance, I offer up to 80 minutes for £45.   Throughout your experience, I will be present in the room, quietly holding the space for your transformative journey.

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Click the button below to secure a slot for an initial chat and to schedule your session. If you are unable to find a slot soon enough on my booking system, feel free to send me a message via the contact page or email me.

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Learn more about Orynoco

A Conversation with the Creators

Immerse yourself in the journey behind Orynoco’s conscious technology for healing. In this insightful video, Malcolm and Cat, the visionary creators of Orynoco, sit down with interviewer Mark Attwood to unravel the inspiration, science, and passion fuelling this revolutionary approach to holistic well-being.

From the intricate nuances of subtle energy fields to personal anecdotes of healing and transformation, this dialogue sheds light on the dedication and heart that form the pillars of Orynoco. You will gain a deeper understanding of how restoring flow, coherence, and vitality within our systems can change lives – one session at a time. 

"A deep sense of relaxation & serenity"

“My experience: I wasn’t expecting to feel how I did in such a short space of time. I can only describe it as a deep sense of relaxation and serenity. It is unusual for me to feel that relaxed with my mind clear. Although images were popping into my mind occasionally they only reinforced the feeling of calm. I felt tension physically release in my neck and stomach. At one point I couldn’t feel my body, it felt like my head was lightly floating above the seat. Afterwards: The feeling stayed with me several days after the session. I felt more ease and had some moments of real clarity. I was amazed by the impact one 30 min session could have. Thank you Carol.”

Voices of Transformation

Your Orynoco Experience

The testimonials I receive tell a powerful story of the profound changes brought about by Orynoco sessions. They speak of peace, healing and clearer thinking. After each session, I send your experiences to Orynoco, helping to shape the future of this healing technology. In this way, your personal story contributes to a larger tapestry of human experience, making the path clearer for everyone seeking wholeness and inner peace.

Orynoco Life Force Technology Products

The Quantum Loop

The Quantum Loop is truly the most versatile product. It comes in many different colour combinations to suit your unique tastes. When two colours are listed, it has a different colour either side. It’s easy to carry in its handy cotton zip bag (included). 

The loop can be wrapped around an area of pain to give relief, such as your knee joint, or placed on the floor around you as you meditate, to increase states of relaxation.

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Quantum Loop with zippered store bag

Orynoco Transition State Elements (TSE)

The Transition State Elements (TSE) help you restore and support states of balance, homeostasis, vitality, wholeness, rejuvenation, clarity and spirituality. TSE operates with your positive intentions through the quantum field. This is possible as our TSE is an alchemy which makes beneficial life force energy information fields readily available. These vibrant fields then help you enhance, balance, inform, vitalise, rejuvenate and reinforce all of the naturally occurring beneficial subtle energies in your body, living spaces, food, pets and plants and much more.

Simply place into your filtered water for around an hour before drinking.  You can also put into spray bottles to use around the home, which not only benefits you, but also your pets and plants.

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Orynoco Transition State Elements

Orynoco Wholeness Support Unit V4

Orynoco WSU V4 Pods help restore balance to your body and being; it supports states of wholeness and the expansion of your consciousness via the quantum field.

This Orynoco Ltd product is hand-crafted to a very high standard, and this takes time and dedicated, focused effort. It is therefore a limited production item. 

It is advised that you listen closely to your intuition before purchasing. If you are unsure about whether you might benefit from this technology, you have the option to have a free Quantum Experience Session in a V4 first;  in-person when possible, or remotely when that is not possible.  

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Orynoco WSU V4 Pod

Life Force Energy Pendants

Orynoco pendants incorporate all the benefits of conscious Life Force Energy technology whilst providing a stylish piece that benefits your entire bio-system.

Science and art meet in our Life Force Energy Pendants, fusing together practicality and beauty.  The core of the pendant is a Transition State Element (TSE) which has multiple nano layers which interface with the wearers energy fields seeking to rebalance them. The TSE acts like a bridge between physical and non-physical realms to help make these life force energies and information much more available to the wearer. The effects are enhanced by the wearer applying intention and attention thereby consciously interacting with the process.

Individually hand crafted in the UK each pendant is unique and exquisite. Our UK artisan craftsman with the alchemical skills to fulfil this role has made a selection of different glass pendants that resonate with the whole of the creation process. Single or multiple Transition State Elements (TSE) have been used in their creation.

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Life Force Energy Pendants