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Frequency Healing is a profound and unique modality, which opens a path to connect to your Inner Self, so that you can rediscover your power and become the best version of you. Sessions help you to create harmony in your mind, body and soul by unblocking your energy pathways, allowing for a profound shift in your reality.

Receive Healing by distance, to anywhere in the world. Healing improves health and spiritual awareness.

Sessions can assist you to feel whole, healthy and connected! 

Experience a profound shift

Change your reality

I’m Carol Fenner and my business is called My Inner Self.  I help people to connect more deeply to their sense of self, so that they can find a deeper meaning and joy their life.

I have a conventional background in counselling and careers advice.  Over 20 years ago I felt drawn to a path of alternative healing to help others to improve their mindset and realise their potential.  Over time this also assisted them to access their psychic gifts. I work as a Healer, Soul Coach and Numerologist, offering in-person and distance healing to clients all across the globe.

Each healing session is tailored to your unique energy system. The Frequency Healing modality that I channel guides and empowers you to not only change how you feel, but also how others perceive you.  This is the beginning of you changing your life.

If you are ready to change your life for the better, book a free consultation to find out about how this modality can help you in your current situation. 


Feeling stuck, unfulfilled, lost or confused?

connect to your inner self


Improve your mindset

Using the power of energy & frequency healing, I help clients to release negative emotions from their past and present and clear any blocks to self-confidence that may be holding them back.


Discover your potential

This work will help you connect to your Inner Self, and then take action to make your dreams the reality, empowering you to be in control of your life and make the changes you desire.


Work with your psychic gifts

Experience a new approach to healing and connect with your psychic gifts and intuition, as you begin to connect more deeply to your inner spiritual sense of self.

These sessions are for you, if..


You would like to feel less stress, anxiety and burn out and be free from self-doubt and fears.


You want to let go of old trauma and attachments to people or situations that no longer serve you.


You need regular support to keep your energy clear and stay focused on your goals to move forward.


You want to discover your gifts and talents and follow a more spiritual path.

Sending healing to anywhere in the world

Distance healing

Energy is everywhere and is the fundamental substance of the universe; it moves and flows through everything. Every person – every living creature has a unique energy field around them that makes each of us absolutely unique in our energetic makeup. By receiving your name and date of birth I can connect to you remotely wherever you are in the world, creating a strong energetic link so that I can send healing frequencies to you. Click the button below to find out more…

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Feeling stressed?

Guided Meditation & Free download

Are you feeling stressed and tense? Give yourself time and space in your day with this 14 minute audio meditation to help release the tension in your body and calm your nervous system.

I have also created a free PDF, which you can access without signing up to my mailing list. This downloadable document, ’10 Steps to Reduce Stress in Your Life’, will help you to do more of what matters most, and less of what does not.

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I look forward to connecting with you in whatever way suits you best.