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Welcome to the Diamond Heart Hub, an exclusive membership, which provides Distance Healing to wherever you live in the world. You can choose to receive healing as part of a Group, OR you can choose to have your own Individual healing session. If you haven’t experienced frequency work before with me you can read more about each type of session under the Programmes & Services tab above.

Distance healing, anywhere in the world

Receive healing in the comfort of your own home

During the healing sessions, I work remotely to help remove any frequency distortions that are keeping you stuck in patterns of unease and pain. After the session, I provide recorded feedback and advice on how to integrate the energetic shift that occurred within the session into your daily reality.

Healing is powerful; it can help with a range of physical and mental health issues. It also works on a spiritual level as the more you receive, the more aware of your psychic gifts you become. You simply need to be open to the process.

These sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Please note:

This membership is suitable for those who wish to build a deeper connection to their God, elevate their understanding of spiritual matters, become wiser and more connected to their purpose on Earth.

It is not a place for those who are spiritually arrogant and do not wish to work on themselves or for those who believe that spiritual healing will elevate them above others or make them rich. Everyone has a unique journey, unique talents and unique challenges.  Understanding yourself and committing to personal development work is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others.  Because it is only when you accept and love yourself for the totality of who you are, that you can love and accept others, and thus bring light to the world.

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You can join either a Group Healing session or an Individual session by clicking one of the buttons below.  This will take you to a PayPal sign up page.

If we haven’t already spoken or worked together I will need your details to enable me to tune into your energy.  This is your name, email and date of birth.  I use an online scheduling system which is password protected so that your personal information is always secure.  Please get in touch via email or phone to confirm your details once you have signed up.

Group sessions are £33 per month

Individual sessions are £52 per month

More about Group subscription

When you initially sign up for the Group subscription you are paying to be in one Group Healing session a month.

I have two groups so that people have different choices of times in the month – they are called Alpha and Beta group.

You can have two healing sessions a month if you feel particularly depleted or low.  Simply message me to join the other session, which is £33.

You will receive an email and text confirmation of your session each month. 


I do recommend that you have an Individual session at least twice a year for personal feedback on your energy system.  Individual sessions are discounted if you are on the group subscription plan.

More about Individual subscription

This is for people who prefer to have individual diagnostic feedback and guidance.  Subscription sessions are £52 a month.  

If you would like to be on Individual Subscription you can initially sign up for 3 months to see if it suits you. 

Individual sessions are £100 so this reduced price is offered as an incentive to commit to regular healing.


You are responsible for booking your session for the month. Sessions will roll forward if you are unable to book for any reason, but it is preferable that you schedule the time yourself in your calendar, even if you know you will be busy.

This is so that your energy system becomes used to receiving healing regularly.

Also if you end up with more than one session outstanding, you MUST have time in between in which to process the energy. I recommend a minimum of 2 weeks between sessions.

If you do not book your monthly slot it may become difficult to book outstanding sessions at the times which suit you as the calendar fills up.  


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If you would like to enquire about becoming a member, or have any other questions about what’s included in the membership, I am more than happy to answer your queries.

If you have just set up your PayPal subscription please get in touch so I can book you into your session.

What they say

Kind words

You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting me directly.

If you refer clients to the membership I offer a free session of healing or coaching as a thank you.

This is a unique therapeutic intervention which I am offering at reduced fee to enable everyone to be able to access it.  

I do charge a full fee for those who only wish to have one session, or do not wish to continue as they felt it did not ‘work’.  Healing has a cumulative effect, therefore regular sessions give better results.

As an analogy, you would not expect to go to the gym once to get fit and never go back; you would commit for the long term to get healthy, build muscle mass and improve stamina.  Healing is no different.  It can take a while to strengthen your spiritual muscles.