Programmes & Services

How would you like to work together?
These services are offered either by distance healing or online


Group Healing

This is a Distance Group Healing session.  It is a full advanced healing session, lasting 60-90 minutes.  Groups are run twice a month on set days and at set times.  

Although you will be in a group, you will not see details of other members, and they will not see any of your personal information.  You can simply relax at home and receive the healing.  

After the session, I provide feedback and support on how to integrate the energetic shift that occurred within the session into your daily reality.


Individual Healing

This is a Distance Individual Healing session (one to one), which lasts from 60-90 minutes and works in a deeply transformative way.

You will receive feedback and support after each session.

If you wish to have regular sessions you can move to the monthly member subscription, which will also give you discounted sessions.




Five week programme

This is a Distance and Online programme which helps you to receive unique healing frequencies to wherever you are in the world, to shift your mindset, limiting beliefs and fears.

I can help you to gain clarity and perspective and to find your natural strengths, so you can move into living the life you want and realise your true value. 





Space clearing

Space Clearing is offered via distance.  All that is required is the full postal address and the date the property was built.

I use a technique that effectively cleanses any space (home or work) of heavy energies, resulting in a fresh, vibrant, and healthy environment, returning the space to its natural state.

Clearing your space will create a haven of abundance, wellness and peace; your environment will radiate positivity, which will help you to accomplish your goals and feel refreshed.


Soul Coaching

This is an online session where I work with you using numerology, to bring clarity and inspiration into your life. I provide tools for self-development, transformation and guidance for living in alignment with the soul.

I help people who want to break through old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them, working with universal law to improve your life and deepen your soul connection.  Follow up support is included.

OR ... Would you prefer a face to face session in St Neots, Cambridgeshire?


Face to face Morning intensive

This face-to-face session takes place in my cabin studio in St Neots, Cambridgeshire and is 2.5 to 3 hours in duration.  This is an intensive advanced individual morning session, which includes a 20-30 minute follow up session on the phone, usually within 7-10 days of your appointment.

I channel Frequency Healing into your body and consciousness to release any restrictions, working on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Sessions are tailored for each individual.

Face to face Group healing

This small group session takes place in my cabin studio in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, twice a month in an evening.

It is a condensed version of the advanced healing I work with.  I offer this to help people with stress, anxiety, insomnia, so it is a shorter session, lasting between 45 minutes to 90 minutes, which includes feedback and any guidance that comes through.  It is a rebalancing session.



Cosmic inner goddess - women only

These small group sessions are held between St Neots and Tilbrook, Cambridgeshire. 

St Neots offers one evening sessions per month, Tilbrook offers one daytime session per month.  It is a space for women to feel safe, meditate, be listened to, and receive healing and support.

I co-host these groups with Julie Grint, facial reflexology expert and empowerment coach.


Courses and Workshops

Online and in-person training in basic Numerology.

In-person training in use of crystals – coming soon