Healing Therapy for Vaccine injured

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Healing therapy for the Vaccine injured

I’m Carol, and I am a UK qualified Counsellor & Careers Adviser, with a 35 year career in guiding, motivating and supporting clients, through working with the civil service, local authority and charitable organisations.

I have always had a strong faith in the ‘unseen’ energies that surround us, and finally trained as a Healer over 20 years ago. 

I decided to leave the ‘system’ around 10 years ago, because I felt unable to fully support clients individually.

I offer distance healing to clients all over the world, but felt I really wanted to help those who are going through very challenging life and health situations due to taking an MRNA vaccine or suffering with serious symptoms from covid.

I am gifting distance Frequency Healing sessions for those who have had adverse effects from the MRNA vaccine, or serious symptoms from covid.

42 sessions gifted since March 2023 - 66% of clients experienced a positive response, with either total or partial cessation of symptoms and/or general feelings of well-being and clarity.

About the sessions

These sessions will run on a Wednesday morning, starting at approximately 10.30am UK time.  Sessions are offered as a group, which means every person who is booked in will receive healing.

The sessions are not online, i.e. offered through zoom or similar, because the energy of the network gets in the way of the connection.
I simply require a person’s name, email and date of birth to enable me to tune into their energy.  I use a password protected booking system to keep track of bookings and to remind each individual.

I will also need the contact details of a nominated person, which can be your next of kin or a close friend.  I require this as I regularly review sessions with clients and need to be able to keep in contact.  This will also be stored in my booking system.

As I offer remote sessions in the traditional way of healing (i.e. not online), a person will not know who else is part of that group session, which ensures confidentiality.

Each session lasts around 45-60 minutes.  It is preferable that you are not on a computer or phone, or driving for any distance at the time of the session. This is for both safety (as you could feel very tired) and to ensure that your energy field is clear of electromagnetic distortions whilst I am working on your energy system. 

At the time of the session a person can lay down, meditate, go for a walk, read, do anything creative, as these are gentle tasks and allow me to access their energetic template more easily.

I will alternate the level of healing assistance, offering one comprehensive session with feedback  and one shorter rebalancing session (with no feedback) every month to all participants. 

Any feedback from the more comprehensive sessions will be recorded and posted to each participant via the app Telegram, where I have also created a private Telegram thread called Healing Assistance.

Within the private Telegram thread I will also place any documents or meditations related to the healing sessions.

I will review a person’s experience approximately every 12 weeks to ensure they are actually gaining benefit.

I will also ask each participant to give feedback on their experience, which helps other people to be open to trying healing.

These frequency sessions are my gift to those who have been injured. If you wish to make a donation at any time during the programme you are welcome to do so.

I intend to continue with this offering until March 2024, after which time I will review it.

Book your session

I am recommending a 12 week period to see if this helps your condition.

At the end of this period you can decide if you wish to stop (if you have found no benefit), or continue for another 12 weeks or progress to one to one sessions (mentioned below).

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Healing Assistance


If you have felt improvement from the Frequency sessions, and you wish to work more on your energy and potential, I offer full Individual Frequency Healing sessions (this means I focus just on you and not on a whole group). 

Individual sessions are 60-80 minutes of healing, with diagnostic feedback specific to that individual, plus follow up session.  This is not a gifted session, but will be offered at a reduced fee of £25* for a period of 6 months (*my regular fee is £60).  At the end of 6 months we can review whether the sessions have helped and whether you wish to continue.

For those who are retired or unable to work due to vaccine injury
If you have experienced the healing programme, felt better and moved on but then later on you wish to rejoin the sessions due to ill health, I am asking for a donation of £5 a month.

For those who are able to work
If you have experienced the healing programme, felt better and moved on but then later on you wish to rejoin the sessions due to ill health. I am asking for a donation of £15 a month.

The donations help to pay my heating bill for my cabin studio where I work.  I strive to make these sessions accessible to everyone and do not turn clients away, so if there are issues around financial hardship please let me know and simply pay what you can. 

Thank you.

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