Face to face healing

The power of transformation

Healing sessions in my studio

As you may have read about on the Distance Healing page, the healing system I use does not require me to physically touch a client. Distance healing is equally as effective, as I can access the energetic body from anywhere and at any time. However, I do understand that some people prefer an ‘in-person’ session in the first instance, before deciding to have distance healing – and that is why I offer these sessions.

The face-to-face sessions take place within my cabin studio in St Neots, Cambridge.  The premises is on the ground floor and easily accessed from the A1, with free street parking. During the face-to-face healing sessions, you are seated in a chair, and I sit opposite you about five feet away. My cabin studio is approximately 16 x 12 feet internally, and I have a customer toilet with hand basin for your convenience.

How do you know if this is right for you?


You are overwhelmed and/or have no clear idea of what direction you need to be going in your life.


Your confidence is very low after experiencing grief or trauma, and you need a safe space to be held and to heal.


You make self-destructive decisions and lack commitment to your goals


You are in a huge transition, whether it be in your career, relationship or spirituality, requiring support and guidance in the next chapter of your life


You are experiencing stress and anxiety in a very physical way and have tried prescription medication, which is not working or only working for a short period of time

Morning Intensive

We will spend the morning clearing your energy field of all interference, in addition to identifying any limiting beliefs or fears which are holding you back in your life right now. My face-to-face sessions are approximately 3-4 hours, and are always held in the morning when the energy is at its highest. I will use a combination of therapies to get to the root of the issue. Spending time clearing old beliefs, energies and upsetting experiences requires an investment on your part, but how much does it cost you to not live the life you want?

  • How are your family members being affected?
  • How are your stress levels being affected and how is your health in general as you continue to hold on to blocks that stop your full potential from manifesting?
  • In ten years time when you look back, will you really be able to say you were living life to its fullest?
  • How much money do you spend on other things, which only offer temporary gratification and do not contribute to lasting happiness?
  • Once you make a decision to change those around you will be influenced in positive ways – this includes all your family.
  • Stop putting yourself at the bottom of the pile of your priorities – realise your value!!
Fee for a morning intensive is £200*
*This includes the initial consultation, looking at your birth chart, a frequency clearing session (60-90 mins), and a further online limiting belief and follow up session within 2 weeks of the initial session.
(If you prefer not to have the online follow up session the fee will be £150)

Terms & Conditions

Morning Intensives are only for clients over the age of 21.

I am based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, with good links to roads and public transport.

Sessions start at 10.00am.

I would recommend that you stay overnight locally if you have travelled more than 30 miles and are driving. This is because it is a very powerful healing session and you could feel extremely tired.

Cancellation Policy

I require 7 days notice if you wish to cancel your morning intensive and not rebook.
For less than 48 hours notice I charge a £20 administration fee. If circumstances arise that are completely out of your control, then the session can be offered completely by distance i.e. you do not have to attend physically to receive the healing, advice and mindset work.

*Follow up face to face sessions after your Morning Intensive are approximately 2 hours and £93

*As an alternative you can book the Inner Self Connection package.  This includes three separate sessions and chat support in between, all completely by distance.

I'd love to hear from you

Information & bookings

If you would like to book onto a face-to-face morning intensive healing session, or have any other questions about my services, I am more than happy to answer your queries and walk through the healing process. Please get in touch via the contact form or directly via email or phone for more information and bookings.

Fee for the session is £200 (If you prefer not to have the online follow up session the fee will be £150)