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Reap the rewards of positive energy

A renewal of your space

Have you ever noticed how some spaces are filled with a sense of peace and calm, while others make you feel uneasy or sad, or anxious to leave? Do you wonder why some businesses flounder while others flourish? This is because spaces become saturated with the residual energy of everything that happens there.

Clearing your living or workplace of all chaotic, negative, and stale energy will result not only in an immediate and noticeable transformation of the “vibe” of your space, but also in an increased sense of well-being and clarity for all of its inhabitants.

Space Clearing is a simple technique that effectively cleanses any space of this energy residue, resulting in a fresh, vibrant, and healthy environment, returning the space to its natural state. Clearing your space will create a haven of abundance, wellness and peace, creating an environment of positivity that will help you accomplish your goals with a profound effect on your life.

How can space clearing help you?

Features & Benefits

Improve your mood

Space clearing helps us to remove negative, sad and stagnant energies for dramatic effects to your mood, wellbeing and happiness.


Together we will set intentions for your space, releasing what no longer serves you whilst transforming your future outlook.


Undertaking space clearing on your workplace or home can help to bring success and abundance through transformative positive energy.


If you are going through a significant life transition, space clearing can help you move forward and enhance mental wellbeing.

Feel peaceful and more relaxed

Space clearing sessions

Before your session, I will encourage you to physically clean the space and remove all clutter, since energy is attached to items. Cleaning is a sign that you have decided to claim the space as your own, and that you intend to take responsibility for keeping the space clear. The space clearing may take up to two hours and is done remotely.  I will record the feedback and send it to you. 

After the space clearing, you will receive suggestions on techniques that you can use to keep your space clear. You might notice an immediate change in the space or how you feel there, or notice the rooms feeling brighter, clearer or bigger.

You may feel more peaceful, lighter, airier and more relaxed since there is a connection between houses and businesses and the people that live in them or own them.

I recommend each person that uses the home or workspace, has a group or an individual healing session within a week or two of the space clearing session.  This is because it will help to prevent individuals from bringing old patterns back into the fresh environment. If you do not do this then over time some of the same energy that you had cleared from the space will be brought in again by the people that used the space on a regular basis. 

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A Space Clearing session is £100.

Please read

The service that I provide is based on clearing stagnant or stuck energy from environments. I DO NOT claim to remove spirit attachments, entities or do exorcisms. If you are having challenges with these issues in your work or home environment then please contact a specialist who offers this service. My sensitivity will pick up these activities so I may be able to offer some information on what is going on but that is all.

* I use Frequency Healing to clear the space in buildings. I use the words ‘Space Clearing’ as a generic term to represent this.