Crystal Healing meditations

Aligning body & soul for inner harmony

Unlock the Healing Power of Crystals

Crystals, Earth’s intricate creations, are more than just beautiful to look at. They are forged through millennia under intense pressure and heat, capturing unique energies. Among their fascinating properties is piezoelectricity, a quality that allows crystals to hold and emit electrical charges, making them invaluable in both technological and healing practices.

Crystals resonate with the body’s chakras, the seven energy hubs stretching from spine to crown, each governing different aspects of our physical and emotional wellbeing. Beyond the chakras, crystals interact with the aura, an energy field that cocoons us, sifting through vibes, be it the draining pulse of negativity or the refreshing charge of positivity. Our surroundings influence our aura, and crystals are believed to cleanse and align it, acting as a shield and a filter, protecting our energy and health.

Crystal Healing Meditation sessions can help you discover how these natural conductors of energy, with their diverse range of vibrational frequencies, can align with the body’s own energy fields to enhance your physical and emotional well-being. 

Elevate your spiritual energy

Crystal Healing Meditations

Meditating with crystals is a profound practice that enhances your meditation experience. Incorporating crystals into your meditation routine can elevate your consciousness, expand your awareness, deepen your intuition, and provide valuable insights.

Whether you are an experienced meditator or just starting your meditation journey, and regardless of your level of experience with crystals, combining these two energetic practices opens up a new dimension of self-care. 

Crystal meditation sessions allow time to share insights or choose an oracle card afterwards.  The content of sessions will vary each time, as it depends on how many people attend and what unique experiences come up for each person. 

Sessions are seated and crystals will either be placed around you, in your lap or you can hold them in your hands.  They may also be placed in front of you on an altar for you to focus on.

What does each individual crystal do?

Each crystal is a natural conduit of specific energies, offering a diverse range of benefits to our well-being. Let’s delve into the properties of three widely used crystals in healing practices. 

Clear Quartz is renowned as the ‘master healer,’ with its remarkable capacity to draw away negative energy and amplify the cleansing qualities of other crystals. 

Rose Quartz, with its soothing pink essence, resonates with the heart chakra, healing relationships, fostering trust, and promoting an atmosphere of love and tranquility. 

Amethyst, a crystal of serene purple hues, aids in purifying the mind and releasing stress, while also enhancing meditation and spiritual awareness.

My crystal healing path

Learning From the Experts

Studying for three years under the tutelage of Hazel Raven, author, founder of the Hazel Raven College of Bio-Dynamics, and former vice-chairman of the ACHO, I obtained a Postgraduate Honours Diploma in Crystal Healing, which began my training.

My education continued with Judy Hall, an astrologer, crystal expert, teacher, and respected author of over 45 books including ‘The Crystal Bible’, with writings translated into 16 different languages. Judy taught me invaluable clearing and protection techniques and how to release karmic ties.  I feel privileged to have learned from these two remarkable teachers.