The universal language of numbers

Learn numerology skills to help you to understand yourself and your connections; delving into numbers and using them to interpret your gifts and challenges.

Numbers surround us, shaping our world and time as a universal language.

The ancient civilisations of Egypt, the Middle East, India and China shared the belief that numbers have meanings, in addition to representing quantities. All patterns in the universe can be broken down in numbers.

For both formats, I charge a fee of £150, which includes a distance group healing session prior to the course start date, in addition to support via a Telegram thread should you need it. 

Should you require further tuition I charge £25 per hour.

* For in-person sessions you can also purchase my Divine Nature Oracle deck. There is a limited number of these cards, and once they are sold they will not be produced in the same format again.

Oracle cards are a form of divination tool produced in a beautiful and accessible card format. 

As a divination system, oracle cards differ from tarot cards in that there is no set number of cards in a pack – they vary according to their own particular design and style.

The Divine Nature Oracle Deck is a set of 36 cards, with beautiful original photography taken by Andrew Fenner, Landscape Photographer. 

Each card links an image to a number, with an explanation of the vibration of each number.  This means that this Oracle Deck can also be used as a way to learn about the numbers.  Each pack is £12.99. You can also purchase prints of the images that were used in the deck if they resonate with you.