Munay Ki - the womb rite - womb blessing

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Reconnect with your wisdom

Reclaim your divine connection

Munay Ki is a shamanic training that consists of nine initiation rites. It is a nine-step process that aims to heal the wounds of the past, including karmic and past life wounds. Through receiving these rites and practicing the techniques, one can become a person full of wisdom and power that lives through constant communication with the love in their heart, always connected to a larger whole, the source of life and love. The ancient prophecies speak of a new time and humans who live free of fear and reside in their transcendental nature.

Munay-Ki is essentially a “shamanic type” training consisting of nine initiation rites. It is through the receiving of these rites and then the practicing of the techniques we become a person full of wisdom and power that lives through constant communication with the love in your heart always connected to a larger whole, the source of life and love.

1.The Bands of Power

These are five energetic belts woven around the body with the essence of each element: earth, water, fire, air and pure light.  These bands strengthen our connection with nature and act as filters disintegrating negative and heavy energies, thus protecting us physically and psychically. 

2.The Healer's Rite

Connects you to a lineage of luminous healers from the past to assist you in your personal transformation, awakening the healing power so that everyone you touch is blessed.  We access tremendous spiritual assistance; ancient healers who help heal the wounds of the past and of our ancestors.

3.The Harmony Rites

It connects us to animal spirits Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Eagle and Condo that reset our instincts so we can maintain physical and emotional integrity.  For example they warn us about the right relationships with people, at the right times, and at the right places.  In addition, it connects us to the Guardians of the three mythical worlds: upper, middle and lower.  These keepers guide our evolution, instigating us to heal our past and guiding us to a healthy and auspicious future. 

4. The Seer Rites

This establishes new neural connections between the visual cortex, the third eye, and the heart.  Thus, the inner vision of the invisible world of subtle energies is awakened together with the grace of those who see with the eyes of love and compassion.

5. The Daykeeper Rites

Initiates us to a lineage of medicine men and women who bring health and harmony to the community by activating and feeding their altars.  The elements earth, water, wind, fire, space are honoured and balanced with prayers and intention so life may flow in sacred order.  This lineage brings great awareness of the gentle and receptive qualities of life, healing and empowering our relationship to the feminine.

6. The Wisdomkeeper Rites

The wisdom of this lineage is not about accumulating information in our heads, the way a computer does on its hard drive.  The Alto Mesayok remembers how to dialogue with nature, understanding in their hearts the energy that moves her cycles and rhythms. In the Andes they are renowned for their ability to call lightning and for their intimate connection with the guardian spirits of the mountains.

7. The earthkeeper rites

These men and women have the truest and broadest vision of life on Earth.  They are not the ones handling the greatest amount of theories and scientific data about the evolution of species.  Rather, they have the perspective of life from the consciousness of the sun and the stars that illuminate us.  In the mystical Andes they are recognised as the ascended masters who communicate with the stars and masticate their knowledge to deliver it in a soft, discreet and digestible way to their peoples.  Just as a mother chews food for her baby who doesn’t yet have teeth.

8. The starkeeper rite

This initiation awakens the perception of our possible future, warning us about the dangers and opportunities; about the horrors and the beauty.  It is the awareness of prophets who do not only know the prophecy from a distance, but take an active role in affecting change for a better destiny.  This initiation opens the doorway to participate in our evolution from “homo sapiens” to “homo luminous”.

9. The creator rite

This initiation stimulates us to discover our infinite nature not separated from the creative source and all of creation; makes us sensible to our manifesting power and teaches us to dream our world into being.  The Taitanchis Rantis makes us realise that creating is not only a privilege, but also a responsibility, for which, it invites us to create with great love and courage.

Fee £360

The rites are offered over four sessions, one each month. Sessions are approximately 2 to 3 hours.

The fee includes the session, plus a further 2 months of mentorship and healing if required, a manual and a Pi stone – which is a symbol of receiving the rites.

You can pay the amount in total on your first workshop, or pay £100 deposit and then four further payments of £65 each calendar month.

Become an agent of positive change in the world

Heal and empower yourself

The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a time of cataclysmic transformation, and a new human appearing on the planet – persons of wisdom and power who live free of fear and abide in their eternal nature, Homo luminous.

The rites of the Munay-Ki were brought to the West by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, a medical anthropologist who spent decades with the high shamans of the Amazon and Andes of Perú. He discovered that the practices of these sages were more than healing methods – they were founded on a sacred relationship with nature, and a fine understanding of how biological energy works. Alberto worked with some of the most renowned medicine people from those traditions. You can learn more about his personal journey in his books Dance of the Four Winds, Island of the Sun, and Shaman, Healer, Sage.

The Rites of the Munay-Ki upgrade your luminous energy field so you can become this new human. The energetic transmissions heal the karmic & genetic wounds and beliefs you inherited. They enable you to grow a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently.

The Rite of the Womb is a simple but profound transmission to release trauma from the womb, and bring strength and support to your creativity on all levels.

The Rite of the Womb

Was bestowed by a lineage of women through the spirit of the Amazon jungle to a lady shaman who would be responsible for sharing it.

This gift of healing and life belongs to every woman in the world who wants to receive it.

Together we are a lineage of women who remembers that we did not come to suffer in this life, but to be the creatresses of our deepest longings and destinies.


Fee £60

The fee includes a manual and a separate workbook to journal each month. 

A session is usually one hour, but can be extended to include a Womb Blessing (see below).

Womb Blessing We live in a hectic world where women are expected to live and work like men. It is no wonder so many of us have menstrual cycles which are unbalanced and stressed, creating challenging physical, emotional and mental experiences. We all need an oasis of female well-being and restoration at some time in our hectic and busy life!

Womb Blessing

Is a gentle and relaxing hands-on healing sequence given by a trained Moon Mother who focuses the Divine Feminine energy in a series of hand positions on specific energy points on the female body.

A Womb Blessing changes a woman’s consciousness and opens her to the Divine Feminine. You can receive a Blessing on a regular basis because the energy is transformative and starts a path of awakening to the joy and deep beauty of the authentic femininity that lies within you

Fee £60

In my experience as a professional healer over the years, I have discovered that the energy of many women in today’s society, would be improved by having a womb blessing.
Women often struggle with blocks and imbalances that can adversely affect their personal and professional lives. Womb Blessings reconnect you with the feminine wisdom of your body, opening ancient pathways that have perhaps closed.  This can manifest as fertility issues or difficulties with intimacy.
Women who are in their divine feminine energy have a peaceful connection to the inner world of spirit which allows them to access their intuition more clearly.  They feel  stronger, and are able to connect more deeply with what is truly right for them.
The blessing is offered as a ceremony, where the woman remains seated and receives the energy through a sequence of hand positions and breaths. When the healing is finished, I offer water and food to nourish your body after this powerful session.  You can read more in my blog here.

Combined Womb Rite & Womb Blessing session £100