Sacred Feminine Healing

Reconnect with your feminine wisdom

Reclaim your divine femininity

In my experience as a professional healer over the years, I have discovered that the energy of many women in today’s society, would be improved by having a womb healing treatment.   

Women often struggle with blocks and imbalances that can adversely affect their personal and professional lives. I offer an energy healing system called  Sacred Feminine Healing; this reconnects you with the feminine wisdom of your body, opening ancient pathways that have perhaps closed.  This can manifest as fertility issues or difficulties with intimacy.

Women who are in their divine feminine energy have a peaceful connection to the inner world of spirit which allows them to access their intuition more clearly.  They feel  stronger, and are able to connect more deeply with what is truly right for them.

Healing sessions are offered in-person and also via distance healing to wherever you live in the world. The healing is offered as a ceremony, where the woman remains seated and receives the energy through a sequence of hand positions and breaths. When the healing is finished, I offer water and food to nourish your body after this powerful session.

Anyone can connect to the Divine Feminine energy, but this healing is a direct process of connecting you to the goddess’s healing energy and presence, and deepening your connection to her. Many women will feel their awareness of the goddess blossom with the Healing as well as their awareness of her energies within themselves and their womb.
Carol Fenner

Divine feminine

Sacred Feminine Healing awakens you to your full potential as a woman, bringing natural spirituality into your life. 

This work connects you to the goddess’s healing energy and presence, and deepens your connection to her. Many women will feel their awareness of the goddess blossom within themselves.

Rite of passage

Sacred Feminine Healing can also be received as a rite of passage for menopause, perimenopause, marriage and becoming a mother, or for the transition phase after divorce, grief, trauma, loss and healing after a hysterectomy.

The benefits

Receiving regular Sacred Feminine Healing brings many health benefits.

As the pace and demands of life have become ever more hectic, it’s increasingly harder for women from all walks and stages of life to take time out to connect to their internal wisdom.

This is a time for you to receive.

I'd love to hear from you

Information & bookings

If you would like to book a Sacred Feminine Healing session, or have any other questions about this service, I am more than happy to answer your queries and walk through the process. Please get in touch via the contact form or directly via email or phone to book. 

Fee for a session is £90

Distance healing, anywhere in the world

How do we connect via distance?

If you wish to book a session and you are not able to attend in person, we simply arrange a mutual time for an appointment. We will initially connect via phone or internet for 20-30 minutes so that you are able to share what is in your heart. We will then begin the healing ceremony.

  • Ensure you allow another 45 minutes for your healing time.
  • Find a space where you will not be disturbed.
  • Pour water into a small bowl. Place that bowl in front of you, either on the floor or a table if you prefer. This is called the womb bowl and this water will be blessed during your healing.
  • Sit in a chair that supports your back, with both feet on the ground.
  • Make the space feel special by lighting a candle, burning incense, or diffusing an essential oil and playing soft music; whatever feels right for you.
  • Wear comfortable clothing in layers as your temperature may change during the session.
  • Rest in the chair for 45 minutes. Then drink the blessed water that you placed in front of you.
  • Have a snack to ground your energy.
  • Write about your experience in your notebook, if this helps you to process the healing.

I will send you some information on how to take care of yourself after a Sacred Feminine Healing session, in addition to a divine feminine healing grid, which you can print off and use yourself in between sessions.

If you prefer you can be part of a monthly womb blessing circle, offered over a New Moon.  This is distance ceremonial work and the fee is £33.  Click here for more info.